The feature-length horror script Not Protected (2018) is in development and is written by Carl David Blake. In addition, Blake will direct and most likely produce the film. One major celebrity is being solicited for a lead role. This movie will be a major production with four leading female roles and one leading male role. Pre-production will start in 2019.

These girls do something in the movie that you have never seen before in a horror film. The rituals are all based on real events as well as ancient texts. We'll state this throughout the production and distribution of the movie: Do not perform the rituals in this movie. This is serious spiritual entanglement.


SHORT PITCH: Alone at midnight in Rachel's parents house, four college women, telling horror stories, decide to find out if Satan really exists. Jess, the leader, finds a Carribean video of spell casting. What they do is scary; what they don't is terrifying. Of the 100+ women I interviewed, half would perform the satanic curses in this movie, except one specific eerie spell. Not one woman I asked would perform this malevolent spell! Not even one!

SCRIPT OPENING: Four women sit around a coffee table with a large bowl of popcorn, four shot glasses, and a bottle of rum.